Warehouse Services

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Warehouse Services

Loomstate's industry leading retail-driven fulfillment services can create sustainable supply chain solutions for your business. Our 15,000+ sq ft warehouse in Bohemia, NY ships over 500 packages a day (on average!) for over a dozen brands, large and small. We provide a value driven, cost competitive, eco-conscious approach to logistics. Tired of warehouse headaches? We want your business: contact lerongarriques@loomstate.org and we'll make it better.

Inventory Management

Warehouse Services


  • Fast & Accurate Shipping for E-commerce, Wholesale & Retail Product
  • Returns Management
  • UPC Codes, Price Tickets
  • Product Work (Ticketing, Hangers, Bundles, etc.)





  • Customized back office solutions based on your needs
  • Order Entry, Credit Management, Allocations/Picking/Packing, Routing, Shipping
  • Inventory Receiving, Logistics Support, Quality Control
  • System Integrations & Data Warehouse/Reporting
  • Technology Partnerships (SPREE Commerce & Aboomba)
  • System Optimized Ecom Platform solutions
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