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What makes the Loomstate Organic Cotton Tee so special? Allow us to elaborate ...

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It is best to wash your Loomstate organic cotton T-shirt by hand. It is the most environmentally friendly way to clean your soon-to-be favorite shirt of all time! Hand washing eliminates the energy usage associated with washing machines. It´s best to wash in cold water to keep colors bright and happy (this also uses less energy as you do not have to heat the water). Conserve water by using only as much as you need. Look for nontoxic vegetable oil-based detergents instead of the standard toxic petroleum-based ones. Turn graphic T-shirts inside out to preserve the print. Instead of pouring used clothes washing water down the drain, consider whether you can reuse it to water your plants or garden (if you've used environmentally friendly soap, you can!). Lastly, always hang dry in the sun. Not only does the natural UV light disinfect, sun drying saves energy & money.