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Why do we call the most destructive way of making things ‘conventional’? As many of society’s & our earth’s systems are continuously degraded, Loomstate believes that we are in urgent need of a major reset of our attitudes, thought processes, and some of our most important agricultural & production value chains.

For Loomstate & our community, protecting biodiversity, preserving ecosystems, and restoring natural resources is conventional practice. We are working to reclaim the term ‘conventional’, and redefine its meaning to one that evokes and inspires a common good - for the earth & the people on it.

This is the story of the Reset Tee.


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We source certified organic cotton directly from farmer-owned cooperatives in India. The farmers who grow our organic cotton are subsistence farmers, and support themselves and their families by growing organic produce alongside their cotton commodities. Our entire supply chain, from farm level to cut/sew factory, is traceable and transparent, and subscribes to the most stringent environmental and social standards and certifications developed today.  

We believe that ‘conventional’ farming & production must be re-engineered to be organic, regenerative, fair & sustainable at scale.

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To make this project a reality, we partnered with businesses and non-profits in our local community to capture and collect food waste products, in this case avocado pits, to be used as an input material for our natural dye. We sourced avocado pits from: Maman NYC, a local French cafe; Sakara, an organic plant-based meal delivery service/caterer; Le Botaniste, an organic plant-based NYC restaurant; and Earth Matter, a community composting project on Governors Island. In some cases, we were rescuing an important natural dye input material from going straight to landfill; in other cases, we gave a second life to a waste product before returning its nutrients back to the soil. 

Either way, we are reimagining waste and contributing to a circular model.


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Our dye partner, Green Matters Natural Dye Co., is located in Amish Country (Lancaster, PA), and is set up with a rainwater catchment system that provides all of the water used in their dye projects. These tees were naturally dyed with 1,300 avocado pits (or 6.5 pits/tee), 1,500 gallons of rain-caught water, and 300 gallons of aluminum sulfate mordant to support bonding of the natural avocado pigment to the organic cotton cellulose. At the end of the dye process, the dye bath and avocado pits were composted back into the soil at neighboring farms.

A cyclical nutrient cycle begets a cyclical fashion story. The soil that grows organic cotton and avocados alike is replenished with nutrients used in the natural dye process.

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Your new tee is a beautifully handcrafted product, made slowly, sustainably, with passion & intent - with a variety of unlikely partners, businesses, communities, and locally sourced materials. 

Loomstate is rethinking the notions of our current industry and economic systems, and rejecting the pieces that we know with certainty to be destructive. We are challenging the current ideals of ‘conventional’ farming and manufacturing, and resetting the meaning to one that is more biodynamic, intentional, & inclusive.